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What is Sensory Acuity?

Sensory Acuity is a phrase used in Neuro Linguistic Programming. It deals will being more aware of everything that is going on around you.

Many people move thru their everyday in a trance, really una ware of what is going on around them. The do things and interact with people and don’t get the results they desire, simply because they are not really present in the moment.

Here’s a quick exercise. Without looking at your watch, can you describe it?

What color is the face of the watch?

Are the number roman numerals or ordinary Do you have a second hand?

Does it rotate smoothly or does it glide?

Is there a name written on the face?

If so is it in capitals?

You may look at your watch every day but not really know or take in much about it.

Sensory Acuity is when you become aware of everything. So how can this help you?

By being present in the moment you will see reactions from other people when you talk to them. Do they move a certain way when you ask a question? Do they blink? Does their skin color change?

This can be helpful as you can then ca lib rate them. This means that you can see the response they give to certain questions. For example if you ask them what they work at and you know they are telling the truth, and then ask them a question you know is a lie you can notice the difference between the two reactions to the two questions.

Sensory acuity takes time to develop, however, as you are now aware of it you can begin to watch people more closely – however don’t frighten them!



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